Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Mouse Was Stirring

We have had a minor Christmas set back.  We got our tree up and I was starting to decorate when I noticed a strong urine smell.  Then we found a dead mouse.  Apparently one (or more) got into the container.  We were going to try and get rid of the smell with spray but I decided it just wasn't healthy so down came the tree and was taken outside.
This afternoon we walked through the property and found a small tree that we will use.  It isn't very bushy and I am not sure what will happen when I decorate it but it will do for now.  I will buy another when the sales come one.

I have been busy working at the order for microwave bowl holders that I received from a local store.  They are almost done and then I will get the bag inserts finished and that will be another thing done..  We are heading to Huntsville tomorrow for an unexpected shopping trip.  I was told by a friend that one of the stores is renovating and having a 50% off sale so away we go.  I will finish my Christmas shopping while there so can mark that off my list as well.

My finger has all but healed from the rotary mishap and I am thinking about getting a ruler guard.  They are a strip with a raised edge that slides onto the ruler and stops the cutter from slipping.  They are on sale right now so I think they might be a worth while investment.  Not sure if I will have to make an adjustment when measuring but, if so, it shouldn't be much.  If you have these on your rulers I would appreciate hearing about your experience.

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