Thursday, December 4, 2014


A few days ago our Heidi saw a little vole and has been trying to find it again so she can play.  She goes out and sniffs around, barks at the neighbour dogs and sits staring at the spot where she saw her little friend.  I call her in and then an hour later she is telling me she wants out again so she can repeat the previous action.  Gets frustrating for me but she doesn't seem to want to give up.
I finished making another tea cosy and microwave bowl container today. The latter is my biggest seller this year.
Tomorrow is our tree lighting and then Saturday, the parade.  Our church usually has a float in the parade but this year we have had to cancel.  The young woman who does the costumes and float is extra busy building a barn for her goats.  It will be nice to be able to watch the parade with my hubby for a change.  He is usually on the float and I am the church photographer making sure the participants get to see the entries.
Tomorrow is also the next installment of the Quilting Detective.  Be sure to check in and see if Emma has solved the puzzle of the stolen ring.

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