Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

When do you start playing your Christmas music? Hubby has had the televisions fireplace channel and its seasonal music on since the beginning of November.  That was too early for me.  I just put my favourite CD's in the player this evening and am listening to the 3 Tenors Christmas.  I also have a number of CD's of the Salvation Army with their brass bands playing both traditional and some lesser known carols.  If I am in the mood for  lighter fare, I put on Bony M or Hawksley Workman. 
All are great for sewing or working on the computer.
I know that those of you who have large families and/or are not retired probably still have a lot to do to prepare for the big day.  I am pretty much done although I do like to leave some things to the last minute because wrapping gifts or baking help me keep the Christmas spirit.
What ever and where ever I am, I enjoy having the music of Christmas filling the air.

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