Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting a Tree-Step Two

We went off to Huntsville today and I got the majority of my Christmas shopping finished.  We also went to Habitat for Humanity's Restore shop where I found a nice fake Christmas tree.  It was small but we though we would just make do with that this year.  The tree we brought in from the property yesterday really was pretty sparse.
After we got home and unpacked, dear hubby wondered about putting two real trees together as, when growing that way, they look quite bushy.  He trotted out and cut one down and brought it over to the house.  I noticed it was a great improvement on the first one and would be suitable on its own.  The only drawback was that it is REALLY big around.  However, it could be trimmed.  It is now sitting in the standing in the sun room, dripping.  Once it finishes washing the floor, I will trim it and get it down to a manageable size.  Then it can be moved into the living room and decorated.  The small one we bought at the Restore will be great for the sun room.  The little white one that is already there will go to the bedroom.  So, from not having any tree, we now have three.
I should also admit that the real tree we are going to decorate is the one hubby was going to cut down in the first place.
Sooner or later, we will have a decorated tree this year!

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