Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fiction Friday: The Conclusion.

"I have proof that she took it", Ethel continued.  " She couldn't have seen the ring clearly enough to describe it with just the glimpse she said she had.  That proves it.  Just as I said, she came back later.  I am certainly going to complain to my nephew about you hiring criminals.  She has probably being doing this with other residents but they have been covering for her.  You can be ready for a lawsuit.  My nephew gave me that ring for my birthday.  He told me not to let anyone see it in case it was stolen.  I didn't think such a thing could happen to an old lady but he was right.  He is a good boy , my nephew.  Not like some people I could name".  Ethel stared at Jenny so everyone was sure to know who she meant. 
"When did your nephew give you the ring, Ethel," Emma asked?
""It's none of your business.  I don't know why you are butting in but it was in March.  March 12, Mrs. Nosy if you need to know that as well.  He gave it to me then all wrapped up and looking so pretty and now it is gone.  He is going to be so upset."
"March.  Hmm, that was two months ago."  Emma thought for a moment remembering something her son had told her.  "Ethel is right, Mrs. Morrison, we do need to call the police.  There has been a crime.  It's okay, Jenny," she said in response to the girl's gasp, "just trust me."
Emma's table was the centre of attention at supper time with the staff and residents stopping by to congratulate her on solving a crime that had stumped the police.  Everyone wanted to know how she had done it and she had answered the same question so many times she was beginning to think it would have been easier to have handed out a pamphlet.
"I wasn't positive, of course, but my son, he's the police detective,  had described the ring that was taken in the jewelry store robbery.  That was the one where the young clerk was shot and killed."  Emma paused thinking of the wife and little child that had been left without a father and husband because of someone's greed.  "I've seen Mrs. James nephew when he came to visit and he didn't look like he could afford a ring like Jenny described.  So, I just put two and two together with a bit of guesswork and realized he must have been the thief.  Apparently, he gave it to her for safe keeping and then started hiding her belongings so when he took back the ring, everyone would just think she was losing her mind.  Not only is he a thief and murderer but he was using an elderly relative that doted on him.  Jenny is the one, however, who deserves the credit for spoiling his plan.  If she hadn't been so observant, she might be the one in jail and not this dreadful man"
Emma smiled at the young woman who had received her share of attention.  Jenny was laughing with some of the residents and, for the first time, looked as though she had some self confidence.
"She's going to be alright" Emma thought and reached for her cup of tea.

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