Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day.  I am up way too early.  I woke about 6.30 and usually lay in bed for another half hour or so but I was too hot this morning.  I was also worried about our chickens.  The fox got another one yesterday while they were out in the run.  It figured out how to jump on top and find an opening.  Roger secured that area but has decided to keep them inside for a bit.  It is hard to know what to do to solve the problem that doesn't involve death for the fox. We are thinking that getting a larger, outdoor dog might work.
It is hard leaving at peace with your habitat. We have had to be extra vigilant with our little dog as well.

We are going to the Farmer's Market today and that will probably be the extent of our celebration.  There is cake etc. at the park but as we are on this no carb, no sugar eating plan, that is out of the question.
 This is the project I am working on now.

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  1. Hi Anna - I am really sorry to hear about your chickens and troubles with the fox. Sometimes it is difficult to co-habit with nature isn't it? We have been dealing with cougars on our property - now whenever we are outside we are carrying horns to scare them away if spotted. We had one looking in the living room window 10 days ago! Lori S.