Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Pink Ruler. Yuk.

I finally got a good nights sleep thanks to a little blue pill-sounds like a song from the 60's.
We were in Orillia for most of the day; husband visiting his mother and me at a quilter's get together. Four ladies and I met at a restaurant for lunch, a small exchange and show and tell.  We then, naturally, went to a quilt store and bought a few things that we weren't able to live without.
We all belong to the same on line group so it is nice to meet in person and get to know each other a bit better.

I had to buy another Add a Quarter ruler (CM Designs).  I lost my 1" X 6" a while ago and needed to replace it for use on a foundation pieced project.  I got the pink one this time.  I don't like pink so I thought the irritating colour would  help me see where it is easier.

A quilting friend was mentioning recently that she has been having trouble getting motivated.  I was going through the same thing for a few days.  I would do a bit of work and then go on to doing something else.  Since I started my new design though, I feel rejuvenated again.  I may get that poor quilt that has been sitting, neglected, on the frame finished tomorrow.

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