Friday, July 18, 2014

Almaguin Highland's-the Better Choice.

Sorry for the missed posting yesterday.  I was busy from morn to night and didn't get a chance to share anything.
Another lady from our local quilt group and I took our turn staffing the Arts and Crafts Center in the village.  this was our first time and didn't really know what to expect.  We both took some hand work to do and we did get it done but it was busier than we thought it would be.  The store is on the street that leads to the river walk so there was quite a bit of foot traffic going by and stopping in.  Most of the people were from southern Ontario but one lady was visiting from Peru.  Her daughter lives in the same community as my brother but has a cottage near our village.  I thought that was somewhat unusual because her area, the Muskoka's, is known to be one of the great tourism areas in Ontario.  The Almaguin Highlands (my area) is, however, less busy and cheaper which is why, I imagine, she has a cottage here.
In the evening, my two quilting students came over for another lesson.  I really enjoy teaching so even though I was tired, fun and they are both great ladies. 
Today, however, I am taking it easy.  I did a bit of weed removal in the vegetable garden, minimal housework tidy up and will spend the rest of the day in my studio.
I have had a pattern accepted by the Quilt Pattern Magazine (this is the one that publishes my monthly column).  It is just a simple one but, if you subscribe to the magazine, I hope you will enjoy it.  It is a great seasonal or gift idea.
I have almost finished my first cup of tea for the day so I think I will cut the binding for my little runner and get that sewn on.

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