Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Your Story

I posted this on Tues.  Not sure why it didn't load so am trying again.

I have been thinking about how fortunate some of us quilting addicts are in our choice of husbands (or wives).  Long time readers will know I am been particularly blessed with a man who has done everything from holding quilts to be photographed to building an extension on the house for my studio.
I am sure most of you have an equally understanding spouse.  What is special about yours?  How does he help/encourage you in your craft?  I would love to hear your story.
It is raining here again which is unfortunate because my sister is on her way for a visit.  She is in Canada for a bit of a holiday and to see family.  It would have been nice to go outside for a walk but spending time together is always most important.
We haven't lost any more chickens so seem to have solved that problem.
Stay dry and send me your stories.  I am looking forward to reading them,

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