Friday, July 4, 2014

A Cougar in the Window

Happy July 4th to our American readers.  Have a safe and happy celebration.

We awoke to find another two of our chickens had been killed.  My husband has now moved all of them into the most secure coop where they, hopefully, will be safe.  They aren't very happy about it but better that than the alternative.
We think that a young raccoon had been hiding somewhere in the other coop and that is how he was able to get these last two.  Despite what we see in some movies, nature is not at all Disneyish.  A friend was telling me they have cougar problems.  One had been spotted looking in their window.  I would sooner have the fox and raccoon.

Hubby has gone off to his euchre game and I am going to do some more work on a foundation pieced wall hanging that I have been making.  I also need to get a quilt on my frame so I can finish it.
I was looking through one of the cabinet drawers last night and found a panel that I have had for a long time.  I have been gathering up fabrics to finish it and I think I have what I need to get it done.  Maybe I will do that rather than the foundation pieced one as I usually take it to quilt group.
Do you have more than one project on the go at the same time?  I usually have a number of them.  I am currently doing a hand appliqued wall hanging, the foundation pieced one, a pieced tulips on point full sized quilt and a small neutral table runner. I think I should finish one of them before starting something new although that doesn't sound like as much fun.
Oh, well.  Nose to the grindstone or, in this case, sewing machine.
Have a wonderful weekend,

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