Thursday, July 3, 2014

Coasting into the Weekend

This seems to be one of those days when I am just coasting.  I have done everything that was on my to do list: vegetable soup in the slow cooker, laundry put away, church flowers prepared.  I have even given one of the bathrooms a good cleaning but, here it is half past two, and I am playing computer games and drinking tea.
I need to go for a nice walk but it is raining.  I am going to take the flowers to church and set them up after I finish posting this so, perhaps after I get back, I will feel more inspired to do something.  I need to get a sleeve on the chicken applique quilt so I can hang it.  If I put it and the fabric needed on my machine, that should get me started.
I have felt as though I've got more time than projects lately.  Perhaps it is the weather or just that I do have more time.  I had been so busy helping with the production of the area's community and visitor's guide that, now it is finished, I am a bit at odds and ends with myself.
We  haven't had any more chicken problems for which we are thankful.  I think hubby will be letting them out into the pen again soon.  At least with the rain, they wouldn't want to be outside anyway.

Just in case you are also feeling a bit dreary, here is a photo from our winter past to remind you that, last year, we had snow in October.  That is only 3 months away!  Step outside in your bare feet even if it is raining and be glad you can.

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