Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recall Inconvenience

I was hoping to have a mini video for you today but my USB cord for the camera seems to have a problem.  It think there may be a loose wire as, if I hold the cord a certain way, it works.  The problem is that if I jiggle just a small bit, it all cancels.  The cord shouldn't be expensive to replace.  I hope.
Last evening, we sat outside around our new fire pit.  Husband cut a metal barrel in half and buried it part way into the ground and now we have a place to have a bit of a bonfire.  It was nice sitting watching the flames, dodging the drifting smoke and seeing the stars start to appear one by one. 
I don't find it easy sitting and doing nothing for any length of time but I know hubby enjoys it so I managed a half hour or so.  If having the fire is going to be a regular thing, I will have to find some knitting to do.
I took my car in this afternoon to get the ignition done.  This was one of those recalls that have been so frequent lately.  It is the inconvenience of it all that irks me.  Not only did I have to keep my ignition key off the ring that held  everything else (and have to worry about losing it) but it took 4 hours of my time getting the work done.  That plus the fuel to drive to the community where the car was getting serviced. And sitting waiting and waiting.
I guess I should count my blessings and be glad it wasn't worse.  Now that I am back home, I will do that.

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