Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiny Terror

The sky is getting quite dark so I suspect we are on the verge of  the predicted 'possible' thundershowers. I had a meeting scheduled today but it got cancelled so now I feel as though I have an unexpected holiday.  I will, of course, use it wisely and stay in the studio.  I have the binding to do on one quilt, blocks to put together for another and a couple of fabric bags that need handles. 
I gave Heidi a bath on Sunday and here she is all bundled up in her favourite blankie getting warm.  She hates being wet.  I am sure if she could tiptoe across the grass when it is damp, she would.

This hummingbird has claimed my clothesline as its own special place.  It is near the feeder and she will chase away another other creatures, be they bird or bee.  She only moves momentarily when I hang out my clothes and then is back protecting her spot. A tiny terror.

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  1. We were camping in Algonquin Park and happened to check the weather forecast. It was more icky stuff than we really felt like cowering through,so we came home. We had a good rainfall at our other campsite on the weekend so I guess we just had enough.