Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thinking Ahead.

This has been a busy week.  Today I had my doctor's appointment and tomorrow I go to Huntsville for shopping.  Friday I will be doing some baking and Sat. I am having an open house to show some of my quilts.  There is an art tour in our area and one of the ladies on our road makes pottery.  She is listed for the tour so I thought I would stick up a sign and get some of the drive by.  If I am successful, I will have myself included in the flyers next year.
I got my batting order this morning.  I have an account with a wholesale company and when I put in an order, I get quite a lot.  It doesn't seem to take long to go through it.  It is delivered a day after the order is placed which is great service.
We got our driveway graded .  It had been getting quite rough and was hard on my little car.  When I returned from the doctor's, I saw that hubby had gone over it with the tractor and blade.  The tractor is going to be so good to have.  I have put my order in for snowshoe trail this winter.  Thought I would mention it now before he gets busy doing unimportant things like snowplowing.

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