Friday, June 27, 2014

Missouri Star

This coming week is another of those in which we and our American neighbour's both celebrate a holiday albeit on different days.  July 1st is, of course, Canada Day and the 4th is the U.S.A.'s Independence Day.  Because the 4th falls on a Friday, there holiday weekend will happen the end of the week, whereas ours is the beginning.    This means a lot of traffic toing and froing.
Our home is in an area that is part of a huge tourism country.  For most of the communities in cottage country, the population increases dramatically curing the summer holiday season. Locals tend to avoid the stores, beaches and other areas that are popular to the holidayers.  We try to do our shopping by Thursday.
I've mentioned previously how much I enjoy the Missouri Star Quilt Companies web site and patterns.  This one arrived in my in box today and is another that I am going to do.
New MSQC Tutorial: The Disappearing Hourglass Quilt

I have a few odds and ends to finish up this weekend.  I need to complete the binding on a mini wall hanging that will be a gift for a new mother and a couple of other things. I am making great progress on the wedding quilt that I am appliquing and hope to have it finished in time for my sister to take back to England for a wedding gift.

If you are travelling this weekend, please stay safe.  You are valued.

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  1. I've been watching their video's on youtube lately. They are really great! I live in cottage country on the east side of the park. It isn't too bad here yet but it will pick up. Thankfully we don't get the Toronto rush. When I visit my son and daughter down Hwy 35 I feel like I am taking my life in my hands as I head north while all the mess of traffic is heading south.