Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mrs. Fox

It is cool today so it is nice for working inside or out.  Have already taken the dog for a brisk walk, tidied the house and am trying to get up the desire to get a quilt onto the frame.  I think I need an oomph injection.
My sister left this morning.  It was a short visit but I know what it is like to try and fit everything into your schedule when you come from another country and are trying to see (and spend time with) family and friends.  I always think our family is fortunate to be able to see each other as often as we do with the majority of us in two different countries. 
We did have time for a good chat, a walk around the property and a chance to spoil our dog.  My sister looks well and very happy and, at our stage in life, that is a big thing.

Dear husband is still working on critter proofing the hen house.  The flock seem to be back laying again.  They had slowed right down because of all the trauma.  It will be nice when they can go outside again but they are going to have to stay inside the run and not be allowed to roam around the garden anymore.  I am sure Mrs. Fox is somewhere keeping an eye on the situation and hoping for another chance at being able to provide her young with a nice plump bird for supper!

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