Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Left That to do This and Then this and Then....

We are getting our road paved.  It isn't really pavement; just gravel and tar, but it will make a difference to the families who live near the intersection.  I always feel so bad for them as their houses are close to the road and every passing vehicles sends up clouds of dust.  I drive slowly but that only lessens not eliminates the problem.
This is the second time for this surfacing.  When we first moved here, the road was paved.  Then the crews came, took that out and resurfaced with the tar combo.  It is better than only dirt or gravel but not as nice as pavement.
I just got back from taking Heidi for a nice brisk walk-going in the direction the crews weren't.  It is such a beautiful morning for getting outside and being active.  The temperature has just reached 20, the sun is shining and there aren't any flying pests.  Now that whatever I am allergic to has left, I can breathe properly again and am able to hoof it at my old pace.  It is a good workout for both the dog and I. 
I am  enjoying my first cup of tea of the day and a delicious partly cooked, sliced carrot.  Yum.  I have to micro them a bit as it hurts my jaw to crunch through them raw.
Last night, as I was rummaging through my Vintage Tiles Revisited block patterns to get the next in the series finished, I found I wasn't as far on as I thought.  Apparently, I missed # 7.  I will get that one ready to do today.  I also pulled out the first set of blocks I was hand appliquing.  I need a couple more to finish that set.  I was doing them at the same time as the chicken blocks and then stopped them to do the Tiles, stopped that to do Country Bride and now the wedding quilt.  Time to go back and start finishing up the early projects!

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