Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PC Blues

This  has nothing to do with quilting or living in a rural paradise. I am interested in knowing if you have AVG providing your pc security and, if so, do you keep getting calls telling you that you your computer is infected or hacked and you need to buy something-usually costing between 150.00 and 400.00?
If so, would you let me know as I would like to know what is going on.  AVG is a good company but there might be something/someone mucking around.

On a less frustrating topic;  we are getting a severe thunderstorm watch.  The wind is whipping the trees around but the chickens seem unconcerned.  They are still outside in their run.  At least they can't get blown around there.  Husband has gone to pick up our flock addition so I don't expect him back until nearly supper time which, if the hydro goes out, will be a can of soup.

I have been sewing my 3.5" strips together; lights to darks.  When I have that done, I will cut into squares and then put together into a scrappy top.  I have almost used up all my remnants.  I think this makes me eligible for some sort of reward or recognition.
Stay safe.

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