Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Rural Sampler

We are getting a lovely, steady, gentle rain.  The windows are open in the sun room and the sound of the rain is providing a nice backdrop.  Such a peaceful sound.
I was so tired yesterday that I spent most of it laying down.  I hadn't slept the night before because I was having such a hard time breathing.  Fortunately, I had been like that all day Monday.  I say fortunately because I was in to see the doctor for my yearly check up and he could see how congested I was.  I am going for some tests and will be taking some medication to see what works.  He suspects allergies.  I thought it might have been asthma so prefer his diagnosis.
I was at a meeting Monday evening and, coming home, I saw a bear cub.  It ran across the road in front of me just as I came around a corner.  It took me a second to realize what it was.  He ran off into the bush where, I presume, Momma was waiting.
We saw a turtle yesterday getting ready to lay its eggs.  We spied a snapper and a couple smaller breeds the first couple of years after moving here and then nothing. Glad at least one of the group is still around.  We try to watch where they lay and then place chicken wire over the spot to keep predators out.  A raccoon or something got them the first year.
I didn't completely waste yesterday.  I have a book with 501 quilt blocks in it.  I looked at all of them and noted the name and page of the ones I would like to do.  I am thinking of a sampler with a rural theme-country church, chicken, house etc.
I also noted a lovely pattern for a tall ship complete with many little sails.  I think it would make a great center block for a wall hanging.
I better get the chicken quilt in the frame so I can start on these new projects.

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