Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This is a follow up to yesterday's post about internet security.  I made a couple of phone calls today-one to my internet security company AVG and the other to a place from whom I had received a call.  the second place is Live Tech.  Someone who said they were calling from this latter business said they had detected a virus on my PC and I needed to pay for a download to fix it.  It sounded fishy to me so I refused to do it.  I called AVG and they confirmed I didn't have a problem.  I then called Live Tech and gave him the info.  He is doing some checking and said he will get back to me in 24 hours but told me that they had fired an employee who had been scamming customers.  I am telling you this so you can be aware.
There are a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of us.  If you are in doubt, don't do it.  Call your internet security provider and get them to check for you.  It really makes me angry that people don't care who they are hurting or how the money they steal affects the victim.
It isn't a nice world sometimes.  As my husband says, "This isn't Heaven."

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  1. Same thing happened to my Mom...said they were from Microsoft. Told her next time it happens to tell them that "I am just running out the door...can you leave your number and I will call you back". They usually hang up... :)