Friday, June 20, 2014

A Skunk in the Pumpkin Patch

Thank you everyone who commented on my chicken quilt.  I appreciate the encouragement.  It is still on my design wall as we haven't made a definitive decision as to where it is going to go.
I started a couple of mini angel quilts today.  They are approx. 10 X 14 and have a machine appliqued angel on them.  Previous ones have been to celebrate a Confirmation and another that declares  gardens are a blessing.  These are to acknowledge a birth.  One will simply say "Special Delivery" and the other has a babies name and date of birth.  That one will be given to a friend.
We had some beet tops and lettuce from our garden for supper.  I was thinning the beets and rather than just discarding the ones I pulled out, I cooked them.
The mosquitos seem to be lessening so it is possible to be outside for a while without feeling as though you are on a bug's meal menu.  Hubby and I took a walk around the yard earlier and noticed that a critter got into the area where the pumpkin seeds were planted.  It dug the ground all up looking for, we suspect, grubs.  We had used chicken manure on the garden and it may not have been as well aged in that spot.  We think it was probably a skunk.  Better that than a bear.
One of the ladies in our local quilt group, the Burk's Falls Village Quilter's sent out this link.  You might find it handy if you are searching for something different to put on a label.

Happy first day of summer tomorrow.

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