Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Fox in the Hen House

We've lost our rooster and one of the chickens.  A fox got the hen early this morning as she escaped the coop.  She was always doing that and this time she paid the price.  We still don't know how it got the rooster because it only left the coop when we let all the chickens out.
The dratted thing still wasn't satisfied and came back for more.  The hens set up a racket, I looked out and there was the fox.  I charged out swinging my cane and it left.   I kept a good watch out until my husband came home and he put everyone back inside their house.
We went to Huntsville today to do our shopping and for my breathing test at the hospital.  I have been experiencing some problems and have a lot of congestion so the doctor thought I should be tested.  I think it is allergies although to what, I don't know.
We were tired by the time we got home and, normally, this would be a day when we would have something quick and non nutritious for supper.  Instead, we got some lettuce from the garden, made a salad and had it with a can of water packed tuna.  Can't you just visualize the goodness coursing through my body.  Would have preferred some nice greasy fish and chips from the chip truck but I guess it is time to grow up.

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