Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quilting Therapy

It is amazing the difference a rain fall makes.  The bush seems to have doubled in lushness overnight. As I look out the studio window, all I can see is green.  A few days ago,  I was looking past tree trunks and a few shrubs.

We went to Huntsville this morning after voting.  I had to pick up a prescription and we needed to purchase a few things.  As I was driving down our lane way, my husband told me to 'watch out'.  Apparently, there was a turtle on the road in a mud puddle.  I hadn't seen it and was sure I had run it over.  I felt bad all the time we were out.  Roger drove on the return trip and we crept along the lane hoping we wouldn't see anything.  We didn't.  I must have missed it.  I really hope so.  I hate the thought of hurting or killing anything.  Anything other than blackflies, mosquitos, and deer flies.  Those I would take a flame thrower to if given the opportunity.

I wasn't sure if our hydro was going to go out during the thunderstorm so I spent some time cutting fabric.  As mentioned previously, I have been sewing  my 3.5 inch strips into pairs.  I am now cutting them into sections which will be sewn together into a top.  I am aiming for a crib size or larger. 

Once I have finished these, I have other remnants waiting to be made into place mats.  I am determined to get all these bits and pieces used up.

Quilting is cheaper than therapy.


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  1. One time I hit a huge snapping turtle while driving just north of Peterborough. I still carry a lot of guilt and regret about running him/her over. It was heavy traffic, as it often is in the Kawartha's on a long weekend. I could see the bumper to bumper traffic hitting their brakes ahead. We came upon a sharp bend in the road and there it was, this huge turtle (and the cause of the slowdown). I tried so hard to straddle the poor thing then ended up clipping it. I couldn't even stop due to the traffic. I don't think I'll ever let go of that guilt.