Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I went with my husband for his doctor's appointment yesterday to discuss his deteriorating hip problem.  He has so much pain with it that he has had to give up riding motorcycle.  Unfortunately, he is not yet in need of a hip replacement.  The doctor said that the best decision would be for husband to lose weight.   As I can also stand to lose some pounds, I decided to join him.  He is now on a strict no carb, no sugar food plan.  I am doing the no sugar and low carb as I go for walks and don't need to lose as much.
It is amazing the number of foods that have carbs.  Just about everything you enjoy including all grains.  It will be worth it if we can get to a healthier weight.

The bugs have settled down and Heidi and I were able to take a nice walk without being covered head to toe.  Makes everything so much more pleasant.
Have you every heard of a spirializer/  Me neither until I saw one on television.  It, basically, turns a vegetable into strings like pasta.  Great for raw vegetable or non carb diet.  You can buy them on line but I am checking right now to see if I can get them in Huntsville as we are going there tomorrow.
I am starting a new applique project.  I am making a  gift for a niece who is getting married this summer.  The pattern is one from morel cabin creations, a very talented designer who lives just north of us.  I am changing it a bit, naturally, and will post when I have it done.

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