Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's a Fowl Life

I planted some annuals today to replace the fading spring flowers.  I was only able to do half before retreating from the mosquito onslaught.   done a bit of time wasting on the computer, got supper ready and now am going to do some sewing.
I have been staying fairly close to the radio so I can hear if there are any updates in the Moncton shooting.  Dreadful situation especially for the families of the slain officers.
I am going to sew more of my 3.5" strips together and, in fact, should get them all done today.  Then I will cut the strips into sections and turn the sections into 9 patch blocks.
Tomorrow, I am off to a quilt show.  Looking forward to meeting my dear friend and catching up on news.
Our new chickens seem to be settling into their home and have started giving us eggs.  I was checking the price on organic eggs yesterday and found that the store charges double what we do.  Of course, we don't pay staff, building upkeep etc.  Our birds get to run/strut freely around the yard eating bugs (for which I am thankful) and bathing in the sand.  They have a human that is devoted to keeping them safe, happy and healthy.  Not a bad life.

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