Friday, June 6, 2014

Quilts Shows and Friends

Had a nice time at the Muskoka Quilt Show today.  It was put on by the Pine Tree Quilter's guild of Bracebridge and it was nicely organized.  Lots of machine embroidery on the blocks in this show.  No matter how many quilt shows you attend, each has its own 'flavour'.  With some, it is hand applique, others traditional while embellishments might dominate at another show.  There was also quite a few raw edged quilts at this one.  They were well made and the patterns suited the method.
I managed to not spend much money which isn't what the vendors hope will happen but after a large car repair bill and a number of other expenses, I thought I should be good.  I did purchase a unique pattern to make slippers which I think will be great for craft sales and gifts.
The best part of this show was being able to share it with my dear friend who drove from Haliburton so we could meet.  She is also a quilter and has, along with her daughter, been a great encouragement to me. She had to leave early and get ready for a craft show tomorrow but I am glad we did have some time together.
After lunch, I headed home.  A lady from our local quilt group had come with me so I stopped for a cup of tea at her place before continuing back to the back woods.
There is a nice breeze today ruffling the maple leaves and keeping the studio cool.  Every time I come into this room, I think how fortunate I am to have such a bright and spacious area to sew and write.

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