Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Little Chicken

Here is the applique chicken quilt.  I have to put the hanging sleeve on it yet and think I will also do some hand stitching around the part of the wings that covers the body.  This little quilt is for my husband and he really likes it.  Not sure where it will hang yet as it means something else will have to be moved from a wall.
I didn't notice until I uploaded the quilt that you can see my photo taking shadow on it.  The chicken blocks were designed by the very talented Fat Cat Patterns.
I am now working on the northern lights hanging.  Hope to have a photo of it tomorrow or the next day.  I am finishing the binding by hand so that will take a bit longer.
Hope you all escaped damage from the tornadoes and thunderstorms that chased their way across Ontario yesterday.


  1. It is SO CUTE!
    That was some storm wasn't it? We got a LOT of rain on the east side of the park, but not much in the way of a thunderstorm. Those poor people in Angus!

  2. Try this again - not sure what happened to my first comment!
    This is absolutely adorable Anna - great job!! My favourite is the one on the left in the middle row - love her expression!!
    Lori S.

  3. The chicken appliques are so cute! As for the shadow...I actually think the shadow looks like the shadow of a giant chicken! Can you see it...head to the right and tall tail to the left?