Thursday, May 1, 2014

Folding Fabric

I am just finishing the last bits and pieces of the items I want to put in the craft sale on Saturday.  I don't have a lot but a lady in our local quilt group has also added a few things so I should have a full table.
After I get this done, I have retreat things to put away (I have admired them long enough) and then I am going to refold all my fabric.  The retreat leader shared with me how she does hers so she can easily tell how much fabric is in each bundle without having to unfold it.

With thanks to Karen J., here is the method: bring your salvage edges together and then bring the fold to the salvage.  Do this as often as you like to get the desired width. Now bring the short edges together and repeat until your fabric is 10 inches by whatever width you did.  My shelves are 12" deep so a 10" long bundle works nicely.  Now when I want to know how much fabric is in that bundle, I only have to count the folds i.e. 4 folds=40 inches or 1 metre.

I was determined to not talk about the weather today so hope you enjoy the folding hint.


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