Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ugh, Flying Bugs

I don't usually do this at this time of year but, today, I made two batches of grape jelly.  We finished up the last of our jams and jelly last week and, as it was cooler today and I had the supplies, I decided it would be a good idea to make some more.
I am all finished including the clean up which takes almost as long as the making of and now I am waiting for it to set.  It is rare that it doesn't but there is always the possibility so the waiting is a bit nerve wracking.
We are waging a losing battle with mosquitos.  They are so bad this year that our Welcome Centre in the village can't do any baking.  Usually they have the most delicious muffins imaginable as well as other baked goods, coffee and ice cream.  However, the mosquitoes are so prevalent that they can't, safely, make anything.  I don't know how the restaurants are managing.  Probably because they have larger cooking areas they are able to keep everything under control.
I have sprayed around the doors and hung those sticky coils without a great deal of difference.  I need to get some citronella candles to burn.
The old timers say that this is the worst they have seen the flying pestilence in many years.  Of course, there is so much standing water so it is to be expected.  I am even keeping my legs covered in the house to reduce the attack.

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