Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Link

My commissioned wedding quilt is completely done.  I de threaded this morning and will sew on the label this evening while watching television.
I have another quilt in the frame already.  It is a wheelchair sized lap blanket and will go to a senior's home when finished.  Also have fabric cut to make neck scarves for a scout troop-another commission.
Yesterday, I posted a link to a binding tutorial and Fran was kind enough to send me another video.  This one was made by her husband and contains a different method of joining those binding ends.  Just click on the link.  The close ups are excellent as is the explanation.  I also enjoyed his off the cuff comments about following Fran's instructions.  How nice to have a husband that sews although,  to be truthful, I am glad mine doesn't.  He paints, I quilt.  We give encouragement as well as advice when requested but other than that our respective areas are our respective areas.
Here is the link:

I bought some vegetable seeds today and we will plant tomorrow but won't be putting in tomatoes or anything else that will be above ground.

Happy Victoria Day to all those in the Commonwealth.

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