Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Sky is Falling. The Sky is Falling.

My  husband painted the living room and kitchen ceilings yesterday while I was at quilt group.  He didn't do the whole thing but just the areas that got stained during the winter leaks.  I wasn't sure he would be able to match the existing colour but he did a great job.  Nice being married to an artist with colour sense.  It is a bit shinier but that will disappear as soon as we start the wood stove again.  My cooking will also, no doubt, help.
Thank you, Caroline, for responding to my request for input regarding the border of the place mats.  It seems we were on the same wave length.  I have done two in the green and two in the hot pink.  The binding will be a plain black which, I think, will make for a nice contrast.
Husband has also been working on the larger chicken coop getting it ready to move the flock from the old house as well as adding some more hens.  We are getting 10 eggs a day but the customer base is increasing so we want to make sure we have enough when the existing hens go through their molt and the laying slows down.
One of the hens is a real 'The sky is falling' type.  She squawks and screeches all the time causing great consternation to the dog.  One of these days there is going to be a problem and no-one will pay any attention to her.

This photo is what I see out the window from my sewing table.  The spring bulbs are putting on a lovely show.  I want to expand the bed along the fence, add more bulbs in the fall and some annuals right now.  I haven't got my gnome population out of their winter home yet either.  Always seems to be lots to do.  Anything outdoors is done is spurts as the mosquitos have joined the black flies.  The latter should leave soon and it is much easier to protect against the former so conditions will improve.  Also have to get our bug house put up so we can sit our for longer periods.
Looks like another wonderful day in paradise.

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  1. I love your view Anna, my current quilt room is the first one that I have had without a view. It is a basement room and also the largest, so I guess as with all things it is perspective that is important Now I use a kitchen timer, and every hour I make myself take a break and go up into the real world. Makes a big difference to my back at the end of the day. Thanks for the pics