Thursday, May 8, 2014

Always Something to do

Some of my daffodils are in bloom.  Just a small clump near the house but it is nice to see their cheery yellow heads.  I am looking forward to seeing the 50 that I planted in front of the rail fence.  I will be able to see them from my windows which will be nice.  The hyacinths in another garden are close to bloom and I am hoping the bit of rain we are getting will encourage them to add their colour.
I have been doing a lot of computer work today.  This morning, I had a video chat with a friend and then this afternoon a neighbour came over to see if I had some fabric she needed.  She was also looking for photos for doing a girls quilt and I was able to locate and print them for her.  She is new to the internet and only has a tablet so was quite amazed to see how easily I could get what she wanted.
In the midst of all that, I've made 6 loaves of bread, a large container of nuts and bolts munchies,done a load of laundry and  more fabric scrap sorting.  I have been making mini thread catchers when I need a break from sorting.  A friend has a craft store and is interested in carrying some of these.
I am also going to start some simple cosmetic bags to donate.  Always something to do, isn't there?

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