Friday, May 23, 2014

Dollar Store Fun

I have finished the scarves except for a few touches up and now I need to get back to my writing.  I have a couple of articles to do as well as some work for our area visitor's guides.  There always seems to be something to do, doesn't there.
I took today off and my husband and I went and did some shopping in nearby Huntsville.  We noticed that a new dollar store opened so stopped in there.  This is actually an old one that moved into a larger space and, my goodness, it certainly is larger.  I spent quite a bit of time walking around bemused.  I bought some gardening things and the cutest little doggie sweat suit.  I have been looking for something that covered the legs to keep snow from matting on her hair.  I think this will be perfect.  She looks really sweet in it.
Husband bought a number of solar lights.  We like to have them attached to the house so we or visitors safely navigate  around the building as we don't have any outdoor electric lights except at the front.
Dollar stores are always so much fun.  I get a lot of quilt notions there such as plastic containers to hold blocks or remnants.
Tomorrow, I hope to finish the wheel chair lap quilt that is in the frame.  I also want to start some small projects for myself such as place mats, mug mats and pin cushions.  I will share some photos when I have them done.

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