Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting the Garden Ready

I have the binding half done on the wedding quilt.  It is always nice to see a project completed although the end of one only makes way for the beginning of another. My next project is to finish the northern lights wall hanging.  It only needs to be quilted and then bound.
I have also packed all my fabric remnants in a bag to take to quilt group where I can spread them out on a large table (or two) and sort.  Once I have decided what I am going to keep, they will be cut into the largest squares I can get from each piece.  I have given up on cutting into various sizes because I just end up with a lot of fabric pieces that never get made into anything.
The squares are going to be used for making half square triangles, small thread catchers and square in a square blocks.  The latter will be done using the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s exploding block pattern.
I will also use some of the squares to make small pencil case/make up size bags to give to a women's charity.
I see we have a rainfall warning from the weather bureau.  I have my tomatoes outside so I must remember to get them in before they get knocked down by rain.  We are hoping to get most of our garden in this weekend.  I have made my list of what to plant where, dear husband has picked up the top soil and added fertilizer to the gardens so we are ready.

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