Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sew, sew, sew.

I have tied myself to the sewing machine today working on the neck scarves for the Scouts.  I am  almost done except for the badges.  A person certainly doesn't make any money doing this sort of thing but you can't charge a non profit group  what your labour is worth.
It has taken me a bit longer than normal as I have had to figure out what the previous person did.  Now that has been solved, I am getting them completed quite a bit quicker.
Yesterday, at quilt group, I sorted through a large bag of remnants and got a lot of sorting done.  The larger pieces were folded and set aside to be used in scrap projects or to be added to something as needed.  There were a lot of blocks that had been made as samples and they went into a bag and labelled for placemats.  One of the other ladies is making a log cabin quilt so she took narrow strips.
I am pleased with the progress I made.  As I mentioned before, I am no longer going to cut fabric into a multitude of sizes.  Instead, I am going to trim them to a rectangle or square, fold and put in a drawer to be cut and used as needed.
Hope everyone had a safe weekend.  It was Victoria Day yesterday so a long weekend for Canadian workers. It is the first long weekend of the summer although the summer wasn't particularly summer like.
I put my tomato plants in today so hope the cooler weather is past.  I am taking tomorrow off and going into Huntsville with my husband when he goes to buy some lumber.  We need a new phone as the battery seems to be going on the ones we have and I would like to buy some more plants.
Back to work!

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