Friday, May 9, 2014


We have had our first thunderstorm of the season.  I had been outside raking the lawn when the first sprinkles started and, within a very short time, the sky went black and the rain came down in torrents.  The chickens had been wandering around the yard so I checked to see if they had found shelter.  They usually hustle back to their coop and that is where they had gone.  While looking out the window, I saw two trees come down near the coop.  This wasn't surprising as my husband had been trying to cut them down earlier in the week.  The chainsaw developed a problem on the one so it was only cut part way-almost through but not quite.  The other had got hung up on branches of another tree and had to hang there until the saw was fixed.
When husband got home from his game of euchre, he was pleased to hear the storm had saved him some work.
When the sky cleared, I turned the computer back on so I could listen to a podcast.  I have started following the Canadian Quilt Talk broadcasts recently and knew a friend of mine was having a story she submitted read.  I listened to that one while working on the border of a quilt.  Then I put on one that had been made a while ago and involved an interview with the owner of Quilts for Sale.  Maria is also the co owner of Quilt Pattern Magazine and this was the subject matter.  During the interview, she mentioned how the magazine got started and the people who contributed to its operation.  Much to my surprise, my name was given as a writer, pattern designer and blogger.  I am sure I did a wiggle in the pattern I was stitching!

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