Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Squirrels and Gadgets

I am working on gadgets again. I ordered a router so I could have wireless hook up and it arrived today.  After diddling with it for a bit, I realized I didn't have to have it connected to my PC as I just need it for the tablet.  Plugged the thing into an outlet in the kitchen and voila! internet connection.  Of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems.  It worked fine for my first use but then didn't after that.  The connection is still there.  The tablet says it is there and working but when I try to do a search or check my mail, I get a message saying there isn't a connection.  I've done the refresh etc.  without any luck. 
I will try again later.  Perhaps when I boot up again, it will be there.

My on line group Hearts to Hands want to set up a Virtual Retreat via Skype or Google Hangout which is why I wanted to have my tablet online.  I could do it on my desk PC but the tablet would be more convenient.
My husband has started chopping down trees for our firewood.  He only does this when I am home in case of a mishap so he isn't always able to make a lot of progress.  However, as there is a lot of exertion involved, I suspect he doesn't mind the forced breaks.
We have been having some problems with our old truck.  It is our second vehicle and only gets used for such things as trips to the dump or hauling things that either doesn't fit or I won't allow in the car.  Fertilizer as an example. It hasn't been starting despite the new battery.  Husband thinks he found the problem.  A squirrel had taken up residence on the engine.  We suspect that it chewed through a wire.
Country living!

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