Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Late Christmas

I am having a hard time staying awake today.  I did get the necessary done: shopping, meals etc. but I could have easily just gone back to bed.  My magazine article was also due so I finished that up and submitted it along with a photo. Now that I am caught up, I can get back at the finishing things for the craft sale and the wedding quilt commission.
Have you been taking any precautions against the latest internet threat?  This one, in case you have lost track, is infecting Internet Explorer.  I get so tired of these things.  It is often difficult to know what to do to protect yourself.  We are not doing any on line banking until it gets straightened out.
I bought a couple of pairs of shoes today.  One were sandals to replace the pair I have been wearing for the past five plus years.  I don't like the ones with the piece that goes between your toes so it is harder to find something I like.  I bought the Birkenstock styled ones which is what I had previously.
I also need a pair of moccasins to wear when shopping as they are easy to walk in and comfortable.
I have started doing the twice yearly clothing switch-winter to summer and vice versa. While removing winter clothing from the blanket chest to make room for quilts, I came upon something I had forgotten.  At Christmas, I had bought my husband a couple of stocking stuffer items and, when it came time to wrap them, I couldn't remember where they were.  I don't remember the reasoning behind the blanket box but my husband was pleased with his belated gifts.  A list would probably be a good idea if I remembered where it was.

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  1. Well, Anna, you are ahead of my hubby!! Many moons ago he had bought me a beautiful pottery popcorn bowl for Xmas. Fast forward to the end of May, we are talking in the kitchen and all of a sudden Doug just walks out and goes to the garage. Comes back with this box and says Merry Xmas! It was the bowl - he had forgotten totally about it until something we were talking about triggered his memory! The mind sure is a funny thing sometimes! Lori