Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Neighbourly Gifts

Aren't these mice adorable?  They are made of cherries dipped in chocolate, a Hershey kiss for the face and pecan ears on an Oreo cookie half.  A neighbour dropped them off for us and, really, they looked far too cute to eat.
Another neighbour brought over some delicious muffins a couple of days before so we have been spoiled.  The word had gone around that we were ill and, in addition to the food, we had calls to see if we needed anything.  It is wonderful to live in an area where people take the time to do a little extra for each other.
We are pretty much recovered now but still run out of energy earlier than usual.
I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's and are now ready to tackle 2013.  I pray the coming days bring you peace and happiness.
Blessings from all of us here in the backwoods,

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