Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Baby has Flown

I came home from a meeting last night feeling as though I had just seen my child leave for university.  I had been working with a local group of business people to organize a Chamber of Commerce for this area and it has now happened.  By-laws have been approved and memberships taken.  The baby has sprouted wings and flown. Although I will be kept informed of what is happening, I won't be directly involved as I have other projects on which I would like to focus. 

I am really proud of the steering committee and all the work they have done.  They had to learn about a lot of regulations as well as such things as logos, signage, web sites and budgets and they have done a wonderful job. 
Yesterday, I did a lot of work in my new studio.  There is still a great deal to do but I can now see how much room I have and if anything needs changing.  My husband has gone to Huntsville today and is bringing back a shelving unit with doors for my fabric.  It will be sitting right by a south facing window so I don't want the material to get sun damage-providing it sits there long enough for it to happen.
I was getting so antsy with not making anything that I took a break just before it was time to make supper and cut out some fabric for place mats.  I used one of those panel type prints that had two pictures repeated three times.  There are the perfect size for place mats so I will make them to give as gifts. 
It seems as though we are getting back to more seasonal temperatures today so I am looking forward to getting outside for my walk this afternoon.

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