Friday, December 28, 2012

Vanilla Bread

Today is the first time I have done any baking in over two weeks.  I made bread,  cookies and some lemon cake.
I usually make something else while I am waiting for the bread to rise and this morning I tried a new recipe for oatmeal cookies.  It was a fairly simple to follow so I was tossing in the ingredients without a great deal of attention.  It called for both vanilla and lemon extract so I measured out the first flavouring and added it to the batter.  Then I stopped and realized, to my horror that I had just dumped two teaspoons of vanilla in the bread dough!  Instead of moving it to the table while making the cookies, it was sitting on the counter right beside me. The cookies have turned out okay and the bread is now in the oven so I will soon find out what vanilla bread tastes like.
It could have been worse, I guess, but I better confine my cooking to one dish at a time until I am sure my head is completly back to normal.  It is still a bit fuzzy-obviously.

Tomorrow, we are going to my in laws for a delayed gift exchange and then on Monday to my brother and his wife for new year's.  I am glad our little car is fuel efficient as it seems as though we are often travelling to see someone.

If you are living in an area that got or are getting the snow storm please stay safe.  It didn't come north this time so we are able to get out and about.  It is cold but the sun is shining brightly so I will bundle up and take Heidi for a walk later.


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