Friday, January 4, 2013

A Fabric Voyage

I have started moving things into my new studio.  Books and magazines are now on a shelving unit.  That part was easy although I do need to sort through the magazines and donate the ones I no longer need.  The hard part is going to be all my containers of scraps.  I've done one.  Done meaning that I have gone through it and weeded out the bits and pieces I don't want.  That is one pile.  In another pile is the fabric that I am keeping.  I now need to go through it and put it in some sort of order i.e. panels in one container, dark fabric scraps in another etc.  I hate this process but it needs to be done if I am ever going to be able to use the scraps.  I did find one largish bit of pink which will be perfect for an applique project I am doing and forgot I had. 
I guess if I could think of this as a voyage of discovery it would be more fun.  After all, I don't even remember what is in these containers anymore so it is like discovering them for the first time.
Our Heidi is feeling better today.  She was still sluggish this morning which resulted in being allowed to sit on a lap much longer than usual.  However, she was just as bouncy as normal when I took her out for a walk so she is pretty much recovered.
I had a photo I was going to post of the studio but yahoo isn't working properly-again. So here is one of our lovely maple bush in the winter.

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  1. I bet Heidi is thoroughly enjoying all the attention and I bet sitting on your lap getting a bit of a fuss went down well.

    Just told John that I would like a quilting studio please and was given a withering look...I take it that was a NO!

    F x