Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have had a few very frustrating days.  My Internet went down on Sunday and multiple calls to the tech support wasn't helping.  I called three times yesterday with the last one resulting in more information about the tower where I was (or wasn't) receiving my signal.  This morning, another call, more information:  my modem wasn't receiving.  Solution (and no, I cannot move everything to the kitchen) was a network adapter which would cost $40.00.  This was a lot cheaper than the booster which had also been suggested. 
When I got off the phone, I thought I would try something before calling my friendly tech supply store to see if they had the adapter.  I unplugged the modem and moved it to the other side of the computer stand roughly facing the direction of the stronger tower.  Voila! Problem solved. 
If this doesn't continue to work, I will get the adapter but right now I am getting a nice bright green light instead of a wispy yellow.
Google still doesn't seem to have solved the photo upload problem for blogger.  I may have to go another route to make the free pattern available.  Will let you know.
And now that the Internet problem has been solved, I can go back to organizing my room.

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  1. You are not alone with your internet problems! We're having the same issues in the Ottawa Valley.