Thursday, January 3, 2013

Droopy Dog

Our little Heidi went to the vets today for her needles and check up.  She is in good health other than starting to put on a couple pounds too many (aren't we all?) She got three needles including the rabies and didn't even flinch.  She is rather spaced out now though and just sitting and staring.  Even when we swept the floor and vaccuumed, she didn't move.  Normally, we are having to scold her for chasing the cleaning tools.
From previous experience, we know she will be back to normal tomorrow but it seems strange to see our normally bouncy dog just veging.
We are getting a nice bit of snow today.  Enough to make the driving a bit tricky when we were out but not enough for the driveway to need plowing.
I am going to try and get myself into the sewing mood this afternoon.  I feel like the dog but I won't get much accomplished if I just sit and stare; or play computor games.  I need to pull out some fabric  to finish an applique project and make some mug mats for our library.
I also have to start thinking about getting the quilt room ready to be moved.  My husband is calling the inspector today to get him over for the final check.  Once that is done, moving day follows.  Yahoo!!!

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful to have a quilt room, it's something right at the top of my wish list.

    Give Heidi a very gentle tickle on the tum from me,

    Fiona x