Friday, January 11, 2013

The House Smells Yummy

Our move progresses.  We are just waiting for my new bed so we can do a shift around of rooms and then I can get at setting up the guest room.  The bed should be here tomorrow which will be great.
I still have a number of totes in the quilt room and I am at the point of looking at them and then walking away.  Too much thinking isn't good for a quilters soul.
I made three small zucchini loaves this morning and 5 bread.  The house smells nice.
Google is still having problems with their image uploads.  I have installed Google Chrome as per their suggestion but without any success.  Until they get the problem solved, I can't pass on to you the free pattern.
It has been a week now so surely they will have everything fixed soon.
If you live in Newfoundland and Labrador, stay safe.  I see on the news reports that you are getting a lot of snow and more to come so please don't go out unless absolutely necessary-heart transplant, giving birth.  This is a good time to go through your quilting magazines and pick out your projects for the year-or to make concrete plans to finish the projects you have already started.  We all seem to have a lot of those, don't we?
We Heidi is waiting to go on her walk so as soon as the last of the bread comes out of the oven we will be off.  She is going to get soaked as it is raining but we need to get out.  One of these days I am going to buy her a doggie raincoat!

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