Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pictures at Last

Well, as you can see, I am once again able to upload photos. It isn't as convenient as before but it will do until Google fixes whatever needs to be fixed. The quilt photo is to give you a rough idea of what the free pattern will look like. There are a number of variations which I will include. It is, as you can see, a scrappy.
It is quite cold today but the sun is shining. After the morning news, I have been moving chests of drawers from one room to another and filling them with whatever they are supposed to hold. My husband picked up a nice one at the Restore (Habitat for Humanity) yesterday. It is real wood and has four drawers. If you have one of those stores in your area and have never been to it, check it out. Think of it as a combination department and building supply store. A lot of the things have been salvaged from buildings that are being demolished so you can get beautiful doors and windows at a fraction of the price. An added bonus is that the money is used to provide a house for those who would not otherwise be able to afford one.
My dear one also brought me my shelving unit with doors so we spent some time assembling it. There was a time when doing something like that together would have resulted in a quarrel but we are, thankfully, matured past that stage.
Well, back at it. Each day brings me a little closer to completion. Roger has to make me more shelves for the new unit as there were only three.

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