Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Positive Non-Resolution

Haven't got anything more done in the new studio today.  We went shopping to buy some furniture and other stuff and came home with groceries and no furniture.  Of course, if we had been willing to pay full price we would have got what we needed but I prefer to wait until I can get it second hand.
It is quite mild today so it feels damp and cold.  I would soon have an honest cold day; one where the temperature is low but the sun is shining.  This weather makes me feel like  wrapping a blanket around myself and sipping cot cocoa.
I read something today about New Year's resolutions.  The article said instead of making, and breaking, them we should concentrate on house cleaning.  By that, the writer meant, cleaning out negative attitudes, discouraging friends, etc.  Interesting idea.  Not sure I could stick with that either but it sounds more productive and positive than some of the other resolutions I don't keep.
Today, I resolve to empty one more tote and put the contents in their new home.

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  1. How interesting that you should write about reading that article at a time when I really needed some reassurance that i was doing the right thing by streamlining my life.

    I've been pretty drastic and thrown away all the clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe unworn for over a year, but have also decided to only have the people who enhance my life around me as well.

    It feels really good to have done it, but have wondered if I'll regret it in the future.