Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orphan blocks

This deer, along with some friends was in our back yard yesterday.  I took the photo through the window so the colours aren't true but you can see the doe clearly.
It is still quite cold here but not as bad as yesterday.  It is gradually warming up up to normal temperatures.  The addition is cool enough that I need a jacket but that enables me to work out here so, no problem.
Yesterday, I got some of my blocks put into a small table cover.  I had a dozen hand stitched backed squares that I trimmed and joined with some lace.  Won't win any accolades but it is done.  I also started putting together 12 log cabin blocks.  It will be a runner.  The biggest problem with all these orphan blocks is that they have been around for a long time and my skill level has improved since making them.  Some don't even have 1/4" seams.  However, with a bit of unsewing, I am ending up with something usable.
When these are finished, I have a number of blocks with cat themes to work on.  Another table runner?  A wall hanging?  Not sure but it will be something.

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