Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Feet

New Pattern
It was minus 37 this morning and has warmed up 4 degrees since; a snappy day. My husband had to put an additional heater in the chicken house.  However, the water is running, blog photos upload is working and our home is toasty.
I started out to take Heidi for a walk yesterday.  I put on her warmest coat and her little booties, did the same for myself (my booties were much larger) and out we went.  She loves being outside so she was bouncing and prancing and off came the first boot before we had even cleared the driveway.  The second dropped off at the beginning of the trail and she lost the third in the snow.  At this point, the prancing had stopped and she sat down, raised the front bare paw and looked at me.
I got the hint, scooped her up and returned home; picking up the booties as I went. I think I am going to try attaching them to her coat with elastic sort of like the stringed mittens we had as children.  My other idea, if the first doesn't work, is to make her something like a footed sleepers that fasten over her back.
I need something that will not only protect her from the cold but reduce also the amount of snow that clings to her feet and legs.

I posted this photo first of all to make sure the uploads were working and to show you one of my latest patterns.  It will be for sale on craftsy and through this blog.
Stay warm.

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