Friday, January 6, 2012

Work Days

I have managed to keep my one day a week scheduled work day even through the holidays.  I have settled on Friday as my chosen day simply because there is a program on the radio that I really enjoy.  Today, I have almost completed writing the instructions for a pattern that my web mistress has designed.  After lunch, I am going to work on my book.
It may seem odd to set aside this one specific day when I am retired and, theoretically, should have lots of time to accomplish what needs to be done.  I have and I do but I also need a deadline or a goal to keep my nose to the metaphorical grindstone.  I have started doing jigsaws on line and I can waste a lot of time on them.  Then, of course, there is my e mails, gazing out the window, walking the dog, housework, quilt group meetings and church.  It doesn't take long for the week to go by without having accomplished much.
Most of the work that I need to get done involves the computer although if I am working on a pattern or making a quilt for someone, I do get to go to the sewing machine.  However, I tend to do those things through the rest of the week.
I think most people work better with a schedule.  My husband does the chickens in the morning as well as getting in wood for the stove.  Chopping wood can be done then also but usually is accomplished in the afternoon.  He calls it 'pacing' himself.  Right now, he is chopping so the sound of the ax is drifting through my window.  It is a typical country sound and it goes nicely with the snow clad trees and light flickering from the wood stove.  All sounds and sights that mean home and comfort.

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